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Mechanical Insulation

At Excell Refrigeration, Inc., we specialize in commercial and industrial mechanical insulation for a wide range of different applications and facilities. If your pipes are sagging, damaged or otherwise deteriorating, your current mechanical insulation needs replacement, or repair or replacement is overdue (three years for roofing insulation and 10 years on in-store refrigeration insulation) we have the expertise for all your service needs for long-lasting cost-efficient operation. We also provide mechanical insulation repair, replacement and maintenance and service of additions, renovations, new construction and parking garages.

  • FoamĀ Glass
    • Polyisticante
    • Urethane
    • PVC UV wrap
    • Metal (Aluminum / stainless) wrap
    • Copper Refrigeration piping (New / Re-insulation)
    • Glycol and water chilled piping (New / Re-insulation)
    • Boilers
    • Chiller Tanks
    • Plumbing lines (Hot /Cold)
    • Drain lines
    • Emergency Generator Exhaust Systems
  • Service